Tours to Norway - Yuna Line - a bridge between two worlds

We greet you!
If you decide to go to Norway, Poland, Germany or Denmark, then you are directly to the address!
The most profitable trip is a trip with Yuna Line. Just contact one of the phones listed at the top of the site and we will answer your questions.

The company provides services:
  • Passenger and cargo transportation, on the route between the countries Ukraine - Norway;
  • Registration and delivery of humanitarian cargo.
  • Free advice on employment in Norway! (We DO NOT employ! But we will try to help Ukrainians avoid all sorts of problems in this regard!)

Driving Directions

The route runs on a schedule:

Khmelnitsky - Kristiansand

Departure time Sat. 14:00 arrival Mon.15:30 (16:00)

Kristiansand - Khmelnitsky

Departure time Sat. 15:30 arrival Mon. 21:00 (21:30) *The time of arrival in Ukraine depends on passing customs.

  • Time of arrival in the intermediate cities of Ukraine, Poland, Germany, and Norway Dinii will be updated.
  • The total time on the road (not including the ferry and customs) is 27 hours.